Best wireless headphones under 20k

5. Sennheiser PXC 550-II – These Headphones are a quality offering which are premium looking and aesthetically very rich thanks to their somewhat understated design language. The build and construction is splendid and durable while feeling very high end. Likewise comfort levels are first rate thanks to supremely soft ear cushions and padding. Battery lasts for 20 hours with the ANC on which is just run of the mill and nothing spectacular. Available in black color only.

Pros :-

Excellent bass and mid-range.
Aplomb dynamics.
Premium, rich and durable build.
Exceptional ANC.


Uneven treble.
Micro USB charging.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 II – These Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a well built and durable pair of headphones. While for most part the construction feels premium they use lots of plastic which is kind of unexpected in this price range. The overall fitting is comfortable thanks to their light weight and comfy padding. The battery capacity is rated at a humble 20 hours of usage with the ANC on. Available in black, silver and a rose gold color.


Audio quality is first class.
Durable construction and build.
Comfortable fitting means less fatigue.
Supreme ANC.


Micro USB port for charging.
Slight sound leakage.

3. Jabra Elite 85h – These Over Ear Headphones are an extra ordinary pair of headphones in the sense that they look stunning and very upmarket thanks to their unique fabric enveloped build! Correspondingly the comfort levels are cardinal and non fatiguing. However the hinges seem a bit fragile and could be an issue in long term. Battery life is a whooping 41 hours of usage with the ANC off and 36 hours with the ANC tuned on. Sold in copper black, blue and beige colors.


Superlative audio quality

Premium & distinct looks.
Superior microphone quality.
Exceptional battery life.


ANC is mediocre.

A bit pricey.

2. Yamaha YH-E700A Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones – The Yamaha YH-E700A is a feature packed pair of Bluetooth headphones in the ₹ 20000 range. The entire unit is simple to look at. However the headphones are rugged and reverb an air of richness. Furthermore these wireless headphones are comfortable although they are somewhat large in size. Cushioned padding, smooth hinge mechanism and a composite build all add to the reliability and comfort levels. Playback time on battery is very long with a rating of 35 hours of usage with the ANC on and roughly 45 hours with the ANC off. People who religiously use wireless headphones everyday will find this information very comforting.


Powerful bass.
Overall good musical headphones.
Splendid battery life.
Comfortable and reliable build.


Somewhat large in size.
Thin treble response.

1. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – The Sony WH-1000XM4 are a contemporary, premium pair of wireless headphones. The headphones have an impressive build quality besides being very durable and attractive to look at. The overall comfort levels are outstanding and these don’t cause any considerable fatigue over long duration of usage. Jaw dropping battery life of 38 hours with the ANC turned off and 30 hours with ANC turned on mean that the earphones should last many days or even weeks between recharges.This particular pair of wireless headphones offer excellent audio capabilities and are one impressive pair of wireless headphones. Firstly they have lots of bass, which although is a bit boosted has a very rich texture and fast transients, meaning it is clean and not muddy. Secondly the mid range is smooth and detailed, presenting sonic nuances with incredible details and resolution. Thirdly the treble is perfectly crisp and sharp, it does a perfect job of balancing the solid lows with decent high quality treble while preserving articulation and with splendid instrument separation. Active Noise Cancellation is literally the best there is. To conclude Sony WH-1000XM4 offer truly exceptional audio quality, ANC capability, and therefore are one of the best wireless headphones under ₹ 30000 in India.


Fantastic overall sound.
Phenomenal battery life.
Durable and premium build.
Best ANC.


Call quality could be improved

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