Best wired earphones under 500

5. boAt BassHeads 100 :- These are the most value for money earphones you can get under 500. These can be grabbed at a price as low as 300 in a sale. These have 10mm dynamic drivers, in line microphone, super extra bass and a unique hawk design. These sound extremely good in their price segment. Cons of these earphones are that these don’t have a braided wire and these don’t come with L-shape connecter.

4. boAt BassHeads 242 :- These wired earphones come with a durable coated cable, 10mm dynamic drivers, and IPX4 water resistance rating. These have buttons to control the volume too along with the pause/play button. These are specially designed for fitness enthusiasts. These earphones also don’t come with an L-shape connector.

3. JBL C100SI :- These earphones come with JBL sound signature which everyone of us has most probably heard about. These can cost slightly more than 500 on normal days but you can grab them under 500 during the sale. These earphones also don’t come with an L-shape connector. The wire is not braided although the quality of wire is good.

2. Realme Buds 2 :- These earphones are the favourite earphones of majority of the people who buy earphones in this price category. The bass is these earphones is very punchy. You can hear all the details in a song, instrument separation is also good. The quality of wire is very good. It has a tangle free design, a built in cable organiser, three line remote for easy controls. The only con about these earphones is that they don’t have an L-shape connecter. These cost around 600 on normal days but you can grab them in 500 during sale and even in the price category of 1000 these sound good.

1. Mi Dual Driver Earphones :- These are the best earphones if you grab these under the price of 500 which can be done during the sale only. These have dual drivers 10mm and 8mm. These have unmatched sound signature under this price category. The fit of these earphones is very comfortable and cancels out a lot of noise passively. These come with braided wire and L-shaped gold plated connector, three button inline microphone. These don’t have any con under this price category.

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